Franck and Margaret Duriez

Margaret was born in West Palm Beach and grew up in Florida and on a family farm in Pennsylvania. After graduating from university, she became increasingly interested organic food and sustainable living. Franck was born in France and spent a good portion of his childhood on his grandfather’s farm. In addition, his father was a chef, so he was always aware of the importance of fresh local produce. Franck and Margaret are vegetarian as are their four children. A few years after moving to Florida with Margaret, Franck began looking for a property where they could start growing their own food. When the opportunity arose to buy a property in Loxahatchee, Franck took it. Two years later Seth and Ron joined the team and Lox Farms was born.


Seth Czaplewski

Seth was raised in Florida and has been growing food there for nearly a decade. He came to Lox Farms late 2015 and specializes in vegetable production. He was an urban dweller most of his life but his family has a long history with farming going back to the Homestead Act. At Lox Farms Seth hopes to develop solutions to small scale farming.




Ron Shaw