Margaret Duriez - Owner

Margaret was born in West Palm Beach and grew up in Florida and on a family farm in Pennsylvania. After graduating from university, she became increasingly interested organic food and sustainable living. Margaret and her husband Franck are vegetarian as are their four children.  Margaret began looking for a property where they could start growing their own food. When the opportunity arose to buy a property in Loxahatchee, she took it. Two years later Seth and Ron joined the team and Lox Farms was born.  The farm went commercial and started selling fresh local produce to the community and providing education about sustainable farming.


Seth Czaplewski - Farm Manager

Seth was raised in Florida and has been growing food there for nearly a decade. He came to Lox Farms late 2015 and specializes in vegetable production. He was an urban dweller most of his life but his family has a long history with farming going back to the Homestead Act. 

Ron Shaw- Market Manager


Jeni Licata- CSA Manager

Ron and Jeni have been part of the Lox’s farm team since 2016. Ron is our GreenMarket Manager you’ll find him at our West Palm and PGA markets on the weekends. Jeni is our CSA Manager she’s the one behind the scene. Both Jeni and Ron are local ceramic artists.

Jeni & Ron.jpg

Coty and Mikki

Mikki and Coty came to Lox Farms from New Hampshire where they were both born and raised and started learning about farming at young ages; Coty on his grandfather's horse farm and Mikki at a local farm picking pumpkins and other seasonal veggies. This is their second season with Lox Farms and they hope to learn more about sustainable farming in other climates and medicinal foods this year. In their spare time Mikki enjoys making art, reading and hiking and Coty enjoys fishing and rock collecting.