Roasted Root Vegetables with Sesame Starfruit Vinaigrette

CSA Ingredients

·      Carrots, peeled

·      Turnips, washed

·      Cherry Tomato, halved

·      Sunflower sprouts

·      Arugula

·      Star Fruit, center cored  

·      Spring Onion, sliced thin


Additional Ingredients  

·      Ginger, fresh  

·      Garlic, cloves

·      Sesame oil

·      Honey

·      Soy Sauce/Tamari, gluten free soy sauce

·      Olive oil for cooking

·      Salt. Kosher

·      Sesame seeds  

Roasted Root Vegetables

All        Carrots CSA, peeled and tops removed

½ all    Turnips CSA, washed and tops removed

            Sesame oil

·      Preheat oven 350’F

·      Add some sesame oil carrots and turnips and season with salt 

·      Place carrots and turnips in separate aluminum foil, place in oven to roast

·      Cook for about 45 min in oven-turnips may cook quicker than carrots “approximately 30 min”

·      Once vegetables are cooked set aside to cool, cut to desired shape and or size


Sesame Star Fruit Vinaigrette

1ea      Star fruit, center cored and sliced thin 

1TBL    Ginger, peeled and grated

3ea      Garlic, chopped thin

3/4c     Honey

1/4c     Water

·      Place ingredients in pot and reduce on medium heat  

1/8c     Sesame oil

1/8c     Soy Sauce/Tamari

1TBL    Honey

1/4c     Water

  1. Once ingredients are reduced by half, place mixture into conventional blender
  2. Add remaining ingredients and blend together
  3.  Set sauce aside

Roasted Root Vegetable with Sesame Starfruit Vinaigrette

yield 4 portions

  • Carrots, roasted and cut- refer to recipe
  • Turnips, roasted and cut- refer to recipe
  • Turnips, sliced raw thin
  • Cherry tomato, sliced in half
  • Sunflower sprouts
  • Arugula, rinsed
  • Spring Onion, sliced thin
  • Sesame star Fruit Vinaigrette- refer to recipe  
  • Sesame seed, 2TBL
  1. Heat up sauté pan on medium heat
  2. Add cooking oil just enough to cover bottom of the pan, once oil is hot add root vegetables (roasted carrots and Turnips)
  3. Once the veg begins to have a golden brown color turn heat off
  4. In semi hot pan add vinaigrette to glaze the veg
  5. Add arugula and mix until wilted add sesame seed
  6. Once arugula starts to wilt begin to plate
  7. Garnish roasted vegetables with sliced raw turnips, Spring onion, tomato, sunflower sprouts and sesame vinaigrette