We want you to know how we grow your food. 



Since we are a young farm we are currently purchasing compost. It is made from local organic matter and comes by the truckload. We are in the process of making our own compost and have partnered up with local restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores to create soil and reduce waste. 


Soil amendments

Azomite is mineral rich rock dust from Utah. It is OMRI listed for organic use and promotes vigorous growth. 


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Dealing with pests 

We grow a wide range of vegetables to help reduce pests interest in our farm. Without one dominant crop to attract a swarm of bug, pressure from bugs is lower. For example growing garlic with strawberries keeps bugs away from the berries. We do need to deal with pest sometimes and all of the products we use are OMRI listed. Our "go to" is Neem oil or Diatomaceous earth. 

OMRI is the Organic Material Review Institute


Standard rows 

We grow with standard sized raised beds in the ground. Because the beds are all the same size it make crop rotation easier to manage and our equipment is all sized for the same job. 


Appropriate sized tools

 Since we are a ten acre farm we have small scale farming tools. This is our BCS tiller that we can use several different farming implements on. The majority of tools we us are hand tools and specialized to make tasks much more efficient.