Lox Farms

Rethink your relationship with food

Fresh. Local. Healthly.



Lox Farms is Certified Naturally Grown. The farm undergoes inspections for certification and uses only organic inputs. Lox Farms grows directly in the soil without synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, or pesticides so your family isn’t exposed to damaging chemicals. They use compost and azemite to remineralize the soil and ensure produce is nutrient dense. Lox believes that food is medicine and plays an impactful role in improving and maintaining health.


Upcoming Events




Come dine with us on the farm and experience the pleasures of eating locally. Our farm to table dinners feature our farmers and local chefs

Garden Installs

Praia Plants & Gardens and Lox Farms have teamed together to install productive Vegetable, Herb, and Permaculture gardens. Designed for homeowners, schools, & businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact & improve their health by growing their own food.


Prepared Foods

Coming soon..