Palm Beach County’s Organic Garden Service

Prana Plants & Gardens and Lox Farms are teaming together to install productive Vegetable, Herb, & Permaculture gardens. Designed for homeowners, schools, & businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact & improve their health by growing their own food. We believe everyone has a “green thumb”and we’d love to help you find yours!


Garden Consultation

$25 Fee

-Determine Bed Sizes + Site Assessment + General Garden Maintenance + Go over plant list + Set desired installation Date

Bed Sizes & Price

4’x4’x8” Garden Bed    -$400


4’x8’x8” Garden Bed    -$475

4’x10’x8” Garden Bed  -$525

6’x8’x8”/16" Garden Bed  -$675

 (Two-tier Design)

6’x10’x8”/16" Garden Bed  -$725 

 (Two-tier Design)

Included Materials

- Drip Irrigation System & Timer

- Untreated Cedar Lumber

- Plants & Seeds

- Organic Compost & Mulch

- Organic Soil Amendments 

- One FREE Maintenance Visit

-Garden Guide

- Weed & Mulch Barrier