Farm to Family Loyalty Card $200

Farm to Family Loyalty Card $200


In the comments during checkout please list the greenmarket where you would like to pick up you Farm to Family card!!

The Farm to Family Loyalty program allows you to purchase our farm produce at a discounted price at our local green markets. The Farms Fresh Membership can be purchased online or in person at all of our participating greenmarkets. At all the markets we will be attending next season we are offering Farm Fresh this coming season along with our traditional CSA. What this means Members will purchase a pre-loaded card you can purchase in advance and swipe at any of the markets we attend. This is great for members who have a hard time making it the greenmarkets every weekend, but enjoy membership discounts.  For example, buying in advance you can save throughout the season. Members are invited to a private farm tour Saturday November 17th.

 For a $200 loyalty card you'll recieve 10% off. It will only cost you $180. Saving $20 dollars throughout the season. 

*Lost or stolen card cannot be replaced.

*There is are $2.00 service charge for new cards.

*Cards can be reloaded throughout the season with no additional charges.

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