Hi! I am Linda and I am the founder of Vitamin Linda.Vitamin Linda was created to be your daily dose of Well-Being. The L in Vitamin L stands for ‘Love.’ My aim is to infuse that in all I do, including food. Vitamin L = lots of food sparkle. Years after completing my bachelors at Rutgers University in Psychology and Journalism I decided to continue my education. I learned plant-based culinary at the Natural Gourmet Institute in their Chef’s Training Program. I completed the 1-year, Certified Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which broadened my view on balanced living and eating.  I was trained at the Sivananda Ashram in their 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training course. I have a number of fitness certificates as well. All of these have helped shape what I define as total Well-Being. My goal is to empower you to experience enhanced Well-Being so you can Move-Nourish&Shine to your fullest. Through my cooking demos+classes, recipe blog posts, and private events, and private clients. I inspire you to find your food sparkle and connect to the food you eat, so you can thrive.

“Where does your food come from?”

xo Linda

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"I've been traveling all over the world with my family trying different olive oils and other exotic foods since I was 10 years old. My mother would take me all over Italy as a kid to visit olive groves and to learn where things like olive oil come from. Over time we amassed quite a collection of favorite artisan oils and vinegars from different family farms around Europe, the Middle East and even here in America.  Since a very young age I've always wanted to be a chef. In 2004 I graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute with a degree in culinary arts. Then about ten years ago my mother and I had an idea, if we imported and sold our favorite EVOOs and vinegars at the local green market for a fraction of what comparable products would cost we could make enough money to always have free olive oil from all of our favorite farms. However after winning a slow food award, being recognized by the American Culinary Federation as well as having some of our farms ranked Top 20 in the World, I decided to take my family's passion full time and it was the best decision I've ever made."

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Kate McCabe is a nutritionist, plant-based chef, yoga teacher, and wellness correspondent based in Palm Beach, FL. She is the founder of Solful Health, a holistic lifestyle blog and nutritional consulting practice. Kate’s work centers around creating fresh, wholesome recipes from local and seasonal ingredients. A big proponent of the farm to table movement, Kate can often be found traveling around South Florida sourcing farm fresh produce straight from the farmers themselves. Kate is a firm believer that eating healthy should make you feel amazing (inside and out), and should never mean having to sacrifice quality or taste; her recipes and coaching practice reflect this ethos. You can connect with Kate on her blog or Instagram page @solfulhealth

Andrea Duclos is a natural living + travel blogger as well as vegan author of ‘The Plantiful Table’.  Within her blog, ohdeardrea you can find stories of simple living and eating in the tropics, raising a vegan kiddo, and travel adventures.  

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A native New Yorker, Chef Samuel Diaz was first introduced to rustic bold flavors from his father, Genaro Diaz, a Puerto Rican native who has enjoyed cooking all his life. Throughout his early childhood his father introduced him to butchering, farming, fishing, and breeding of rabbits and chickens. Growing up Samuel loved food but he aspired to be an NFL football player. Never could he have imagined the positive effect that the exposure to food from his father would have in his later years. Eventually he realized that his father’s passion for cooking was the same one that he shared. This passion ultimately influenced him to become the chef that he is today.

    Samuel started his cooking journey in 2004, when he enrolled in Culinary school at Johnson and Wales University, in Miami. As a culinary student he gained an understanding on the meaning of hard work. He wore multiple hats - a student, a worker, a fraternity member and volunteer for the Miami community. Samuel has always been a symbol of hard work and dedication. He began working in high end restaurants in 2006. He launched his career at Aqualina Resort & Spa - a luxury resort in Miami. Aqualina was his first opportunity in the field and was where he met and worked with Chef Miguel Santiago - the Executive Chef at the Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach. Upon graduating college, he moved back to New York and in the mist of five years worked alongside well know chefs such as David Waltuck, Keith Harry, April Bloomfield, Erik Ramirez and Adam Schope.

    Samuel has devoted his career to find ways to improve himself and his craft. While in NYC, on his days off from work, he would trail at well-known restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park, Café Boulud, Tabla, and Dove Tail - just to name a few.  He’s always had a strong desire to perfect his craft - be better and do better and always dreamed of doing what all chef aspire to do which is “to cook in Europe.” In January 2013, he was able to accomplish one of his main goals and he embarked in the European cooking journey that he always dreamed of. He began his journey in Spain in San Sebastian worked at Martin Berisategui - a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. From there he traveled to London, Paris, and Serbia to work and trail at several Michelin star restaurants. He returned back to NYC after 6 months - with a purpose to rediscover himself as a chef. Samuel took time to evaluate his purpose and the satisfaction that cooking brought to his life. He realized that he experienced the most joy when he felt a connection to agriculture and land. After Europe, he got an opportunity to work for Northern Spy, in NYC. His experience working at Northern Spy influenced his interest in Farm to Table and in locally source ingredients. From there, he developed a strong interest in Foraging, farming, and the use of locally grown products. He realized that he wanted to get more involved with Farms to Table and became the Chef de Cuisine at the East Pole in NYC. The East pole was where Sammy got the opportunity to start his contribution to the Farms to Table cause and scene. He started by building relationships with Famers such as Cheesemongers, Beekeppers, and Fishermen from NY. He became a local buyer at the Union Square green market and began to utilize only locally grown products in his dishes. As a visual person, the menus and dishes that he created while at the East Pole were inspired by the products that he saw at the green market.  After two years at the East Pole, he decided to accept an opportunity in West Palm beach, Florida with the Hilton Hotel as the Executive Sous Chef. There he continues to create exquisite - flavorful dishes and use locally grown products. Samuel wears his passion for cooking on his sleeves. His diverse experience and background has allowed him to differentiate himself from others Chef’s.  He intends to continue to utilize local ingredients and build relationships with local farmers, and others alike.



Chef Diana

Diana Rovira-Ledgard is a Colombian chef that grew up with the delicious home cooking of her grandmother, experiencing the love and time she put in her food. When she was older she decided to travel to different countries and cultures learning what culinary variety they had to offer.

She studied at the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía, worked at the Park Hyatt and Sucre restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then worked at the Little Nell,a prestigious hotel in Aspen, Co. Moved to experience the food scene in Boulder, Co and worked at Oak at 14th. From this snowy town she moved to the sunshine and ocean front at west palm beach where she works at one of the most historic and prestigious establishments, The Breakers.