Edyn Garden Sensor

We recently purchased an Edyn garden sensor to test at lox farms. So far we like it a lot. The device is pretty simple. We have it connected to wifi and installed and app in our phones to view the data it collects. Its nestled in a row of carrots currently and we water with a drip irrigation system. Edyn was originally a Kickstarter business we saw over a year ago, but now can be found in Home Depot and on Amazon. 

The most useful information the Edyn collects for us it the soil moisture percentage. We can accurately track this now and have a better understanding of when to water, how weather conditions are effecting evaporation, and have a better understanding of vegetable production responds to moisture in the ground. 

Additionally the device tracks air temperature, humidity, nitrogen levels, and lux (how bright it is) and displays it in a very user friendly app. It can send alerts to your phone as well. It also has crop recommendations but we dont find them useful. 

We understand the device may not be completely accurate, however we are still very pleased with the Edyn. This is also the beginning of this type of technology. It is only going to get better and better with time. We look forward to more devices like this to come out in the future.