Lox Farms is a small farm rooted in Loxahatchee, FL. As a certified naturally grown farm, we can have a positive impact on both the environment and your health. As a local farm, we can provide you with the freshest produce, as well as reduce the number of miles your food travels and thus the carbon footprint of the meals you prepare. We have chosen to grow directly in the soil without synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, or pesticides so your family isn’t exposed to dangerous chemicals that can destroy your health.  We believe food should be your medicine and play a part in improving and maintaining your health. So we work hard to keep the soil healthy, using compost and azemite to remineralize the soil, and ensure the food we grow is nutrient dense. 

We are Certified Naturally Grown! What does that mean? CNG standards are based on National Organic Program Standards but is a grass roots alternative. The farm goes through inspections for certification and is only allowed to use organic inputs. CNG is focused on local and leaving the land in better condition than you found it.


Meet the Team

Margaret Duriez - Owner

Margaret was born in West Palm Beach and grew up in Florida and on a family farm in Pennsylvania. After graduating from university, she became increasingly interested organic food and sustainable living. Margaret and her husband Franck are vegetarian as are their four children.  Margaret began looking for a property where they could start growing their own food. When the opportunity arose to buy a property in Loxahatchee, she took it. Two years later Seth and Ron joined the team and Lox Farms was born.  The farm went commercial and started selling fresh local produce to the community and providing education about sustainable farming.

Seth Czaplewski - Farm Manager

Seth was raised in Florida and has been growing food there for nearly a decade. He came to Lox Farms late 2015 and specializes in vegetable production. He was an urban dweller most of his life but his family has a long history with farming going back to the Homestead Act. 

Aj Azqueta-

AJ is passionate environmentalist focusing on regional agriculture and urban gardening. His background has made him understand the various beneficial impacts of transiting towards regional food systems. Aside from working at Lox Farms, AJ runs a garden installation company called Prana Plants & Gardens which provides the service to get others growing food at their homes or community's.





Lox Farms

1442 E Rd. Loxahatchee, FL